Monday, September 19, 2016

iPhone 7 Released!

Did you get your iPhone?

I will go over some of the key features that are on the new iPhone. First of all, and the most obvious change is the new jet black version. Now before you go running to get this new version, just know that fingerprints will be very noticeable on this version, just a heads up. Next is the headphones, there is no headphones jack and people have been freaking out about it. The airpods in my opinion are good in theory but the fact that they will probably be lost and are $159.00, just not worth it. Honestly you could buy any other pair of wireless headphones and it should be okay, so the loss of the headphone jack shouldn't be that big of a deal. The new iPhone is water resistant, which is always a plus, you won't have to worry about getting water on it as much as you did before.

Overall, should you upgrade? the question I always ask myself every time apple has a new release. This year, I would recommend you wait. Unless your phone is broken, the battery is horrible, or you just really want this version then I would hold on. If the rumors that i've heard are true then next year's release will be better than this years. But it's up to you, Apple's releases have been underwhelming in the past years and being an apple junkie that hurts my heart to say this haha. The release this year has been better than the past ones, so it's looking up for Apple. Let me know if you are getting the new iPhone in my comments! You can check out my old iPhone rumors post here.


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