Friday, August 12, 2016

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7 this year?

Every year Apple excites the world with new iPhones, and this year even though it hasn't been announced the world is expecting the release of the iPhone 7.  I am one of the biggest Apple fans ever, but I won't lie the past releases of iPhones just don't excite me as much as it used to in the past. Now it's time for the iPhone 7 release and again, it's not an exciting release for me. In all honesty this might be the most unexciting release ever, probably only a little bit better than the 4c's. Here are the big features that are allegedly going to be on the iPhone 7.

  1. No Headphone Jack - that's right, there will be no headphone jack on the iPhone. So get ready to buy wireless headphones from now on. I get how that can be exciting for some, but for me its meh...there was no wow factor. Even though working out should be easier now that I won't have to worry about a wire.
  2. Pressure sensitive home button - that's the new feature that I read about, instead of clicking like iPhone home buttons do now, there will be a vibration to tell you how much pressure you are forcing on the home button. That seems like a cool function to me.
  3. Two camera lenses - there are going to be two camera lenses on the new iPhone. Both lenses will capture colors differently and then merge the two photos into one. Seems like a good way to get better photos but from the mock ups of what the new iPhone is going to look like, The lenses don't look visually appealing. 
What i'm hearing about the new iPhone is very underwhelming. If you need a new iPhone of course I suggest that you go ahead and get it. But other than that, if you don't absolutely need one, I suggest you hold off till next year. Hopefully apple will get it right then :/


  1. I'm definitely going to hold off when the new iPhone comes out. I too love Apple, but I just can't see paying more money for something that I'm not really going to gain anything new. I really don't like that there won't be a headphone jack. :(

  2. oh this sounds great! i love iphone :)
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