Friday, August 5, 2016

My Fitness Journey!

I have so many journey's I'm going on this year and here is another journey i'm starting and that's fitness. *Spoiler alert* I have already failed, but I'm restarting it again. I have many reasons why I'm doing this fitness journey but the main one is for my health. I've been feeling very fatigued lately and I definitely need to do something about it. I haven't had any real fitness goals yet. I was going to the gym three days out of the week, I think i'm going to up it to four days one week and the next week three days. I need to find other things to do to keep me motivated. Recently, i've slacked tremendously by not meal prepping and not going to the gym at all. So I need to find things to keep me excited to workout. What are some things you do to keep yourself motivated for working out?


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