Monday, July 25, 2016

Garrett Leight "Wilson" Glasses

It was time for me to go get my annual eye checkup and because I lost my old glasses so I had to get another pair. If you are anything like me, you lose your frames all the time, but I can't afford to lose these bad boys. I decided to invest in a good pair of glasses, the last time I bought frames, I got them online from an online brand and they were cheaper but I didn't like how it was hard to clean the lenses. in fact I couldn't clean the lenses at all, it just moved the smudges around the lenses and never were clear.
So I bought my glasses from Garrett Leight, it's a California brand so I of course me living under a rock I had never heard of them before. I found them through Kendall Jenner, I will never forget seeing some pictures of her in the glasses and I instantly feeling like I needed them. Kendall Jenner is definitely fashion inspiration for me. I was obsessed with the style and everything so I ended up getting them. You can find them here! Tell me what eyeglass/sunglass frames are your favorite!


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