Friday, June 3, 2016

On the Wishlist

Here a couple of things that i've been eyeing on my wishlist, some of these things might've been on a previous wishlist post, but that just means I really, really want it.

  1. Chacos- chacos were a big thing down here for years, and still kinda is. I tried to avoid the whole chacos train because I try not to follow the crowd, but i love the practicality of them. and i'm all down for sandals.
  2. Hunter rainboots - the last pair of rainboots that I had were from target, and while they were good while they lasted they eventually tore apart. So now I want to invest in some good rainboots, and i love the tall black ones.
  3. Rayban Round sunglasses - i adore these sunglasses and wanted them for so long, theres something so cool about them, and so they made the wishlist.

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