Monday, May 23, 2016

The Early 20s

I'm 22 years old, i'll be 23 next month,

I've feel like i've lived a lot of life and I actually haven't. Growing up I always looked forward to my twenties, I thought I was going to have an exciting life going places, trying new things etc. Don't get me wrong I definitely do those things but it wasn't the picture I had in my mind. Nobody told me that I would have extreme moments of feeling confusion, disappointment and straight up depression. Most of that I put on myself because especially a couple of years ago I definitely was comparing myself to others and my foundation was not strong at all. Those things happened, and I hear it's pretty common. But through those hard times, I started to dig deep and soul search and started to actually find myself. I'm not perfect, I don't have my life figured out and i'll definitely have to go through more hard times in my life, harder than the ones i've gone through so far. I know what will get me through those things is actually knowing my worth and my faith in god. For those of you going through it with me, or about to enter, just know that we aren't supposed to have it all figured out. We are still getting to know ourselves let alone have everything figured out. Have fun, try new things, take risks, learn about yourself, learn about life, read books the informative and fun ones, and be the best version of yourself you can be. Life is tough, but one thing you need to do is be easy on yourself, love yourself, love others and enjoy every second of life that you can!

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