Friday, April 1, 2016

March Favorites!

March is over, and April is here!

Spring time is here!!! It's a bittersweet moment because while I love springtime, I hate my allergies :( I get the worst ones, well really I only have two symptoms Stuffy nose and headaches.. But other than that spring is great! But I digress, here are my favorites of March

Contigo Water Bottle

is it weird that a water bottle is one of my favorites?? I love this water bottle! I've tried so many of them like the camelback and bobble. but this one is so much better. First its glass and i've heard that drinking from a glass water bottles are better than the plastic ones. and i love how i can chug the water, which is weird but i don't enjoy drinking water so if I can drink it faster and get it over with than that's great! you can find the water bottle here!

8tracks app

I didn't put this in my favorites app post but this is one of my favorites for this month as well. I heard about 8tracks a long time ago and I never really got the hype, but it came in handy this month. I get tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on apple music so i decided to try out 8tracks to find out new music. I really liked 8tracks for how easy it is to find playlist with good music that I haven't heard before. You can choose what type of music you want to listen to and then a bunch of different playlists pop up, if you want to discover new music I highly suggest this app!

Cookie Butter

I dont have a Trader Joe's near me, but the one day I went to a city that had it, I had to buy a jar of Cookie Butter! It has the consistency of peanut butter but tastes like gingerbread cookies and it's amazing! I have to say though it is best with chocolate covered pretzels.


I've discovered a lot of old music lately, and so the songs i've had on replay were 
  • Dont go - J Holiday
  • Deserve U More- Musiq Soulchild

And in true Kelsey fashion, I fell in love with a song I heard on a Homegoods Commercial
  • Home - Dan Croll
Also, i enjoyed Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, and Majid Jordan's self-titled album!

What are your favorites for March??

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