Monday, April 11, 2016

Baby Foot Review

So this is a "Because of Youtube Post"

 So I randomly viewed a video of someone trying Baby Foot foot peel. Why? I have no idea, I didn't have any clue that a product like that even existed. But I was intrigued, and because i'm a product junkie I had to try it out. When I have my pamper nights, I've never focused on my feet, so this seemed like a fun thing to do, even though I was a little scared not going to lie. Peels can be intimidating.

So I used the peel, put on my socks over the bags for my feet and waited for an hour. I did walk around, and figured out you are NOT supposed to do that. Regardless I started noticing results about a week after I used the peel and it took about 4 days for most of the peeling to stop. Regardless, i'm on Day 6 and I still have some peeling going on, hopefully it'll be done completely in a couple of days.

Overall I like it, the peeling was fun, and I did peel the skin off myself, It's hard not to. I didn't experience any soreness or anything like that. I enjoyed it, and I probably would repurchase it again. Have you tried Baby Foot? Tell me about it in the comments.


  1. I only first heard of this a few days ago but it sounds so interesting. I need to try it myself to see if it actually works

    Lauren x |