Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Favorite Protective hairstyles

So it's no secret that i'm trying to grow out my hair, and it's a long tough process. One thing that is good for you girls who want to grow out your hair, especially women of color is styling your hair in protective styles. Especially in these winter months, when the cold weather might dry out your scalp and ends it's good to keep your hair up and out of the harsh environment. Here are some of my favorite styles to rock!

It's simple and easy and keeps your ends from touching your clothing

Simple hairstyle that keeps your ends tucked away!

French Braids
If I'm having a lazy day and i'm not going out, I keep my hair french braided in two side braids. I look crazy but braiding my hair is relaxing and whenever I take them down I have a nice curly texture in my hair

Milk Maid Braid
This is basically my french braid pinned in the back, if i dont want to take out my braids when i'm going out usually i'll just pin them up and go out. I don't know if this is technically a "milk maid braid" but this is my version of that hairstyle!


  1. I am trying to grow my hair too, so thanks for the tips

    Lauren x |