Monday, January 11, 2016

Milly Miles Update!

The love of my life is growing and so quickly!

If you didn't know, I adopted a kitten last summer and his name is Milo! He's a big ball of energy and it's so much fun having him around. Everytime someone comes over, they tell me he's more like a dog than a cat. It's come to the point where my friends want me to get a leash to walk him. I will admit I am one of those crazy cat owners but I don't think i'm going to get to the point where I stalk walking my cat on a leash. 

Milo is 8 months old, I'm thinking about switching up his feeding times from three times a day to two. But Milo has so much energy and he's always running around, i'm not sure he's ready for that change. Milo's best friend's name is Mabel, she's a doll that I got when I first adopted Milo because he was suffering from separation anxiety. Milo has gotten so attached to Mabel and it's seriously the cutest thing EVER!

Milo is such an amazing addition to my life, and even though I don't appreciate the biting that he still does from time to time, I couldn't imagine this life without him.

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  1. He is so cute <3

    Lauren x |