Monday, January 25, 2016

Ipad Mini Review!

I'm in love with it....

Point blank period. I never thought that I had a reason to purchase an iPad but last year I realized that I wanted to start reading more. One thing I enjoyed a lot several years ago, was reading on my kindle, I had the second generation kindle and I loved it, until one day I dropped it and the screen cracked on the inside :( So me being an Apple product junkie, I decided to cave and get an iPad Mini 4. Let me tell you, I absolutely love this thing!

 I have a laptop and a phone but i'm on my iPad more than either of the other devices. I watch youtube and netflix on it, I put all the apps on it that I don't need on my phone so I can free up some space. I can answer my phone calls on it, and text. Also, the split screen feature on the iPad is SO handy!  So I don't regret this at all, and I highly suggest, if you've been wrestling with getting one, then do it!

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