Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Essie Grow Stronger Nail Base

I have this thing with my nails, especially my thumb and index fingernails where they split on the sides. It's annoying because it splits right on the "quickline" (i'm not sure if that's the official name of the part of the nail, but it splits right where the quick starts). I'm currently trying to grow out my nails to be stronger and longer but when your nails always break at a certain length, it can get really challenging. 

I decided to try out a nail growth base polish to see if it would help my problem, so I decided to get the Essie GrowStronger Nail Base. I've tried it out multiple times, by itself and with another nail polish color on top. I have some Pros and Cons, as far as cons, my nails are still splitting. Not as much as it used to but my left thumbnail is currently split as I type this post. But, there is hope, i've
noticed my nails are feeling so much stronger. So hopefully as time goes on the problem will go away completely! I've only noticed one split and that's the one on my thumb right now! So fingers crossed it'll go away completely. As far as it making my nail polish stay on longer, meh... it's okay. I would say it lasts just as long as any other basic base nail polish would. I'll give another update later on!


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  1. My nails are so weak, I need to give something like this a go and see whether it helps me

    Lauren x |