Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Erin Condren Life Planner!

Okay guys, I have something to admit.....

I have become obsessed with the planning community... aka glam planning.. I don't know how this all started, probably lurking on youtube or whatnot. But however it started I jumped in 100% this year. I wanted the Erin Condren planner for so long, but never got it because the price is steep, real steep. The base price for an Erin Condren life planner is $50. If you find yourself getting into glam planning, which is probably the reason why most get this planner then it might be worth it, because hey! you'll be using it all year.

I got the vertical layout planner, and this is my first time having a planner that wasn't in, what I call the "big paragraph" format. Basic planners have the date and a bunch of lines beside it to write all you have to do for the day, and I've NEVER liked that format. I've adjusted to the vertical layout very quickly and as for right now I don't see myself switching back. I love how the planner is big and girly and it's pretty by itself if for some reason you aren't into the stickers..but if you aren't then what kind of person are you???

Overall I love this planner, I love the customization aspect. I love how girly and fun it is. Did I mention how much I love to buy stickers? Etsy is now one of my favorite stores. Should you get one? I would say think about it. Give it some time lol because I would hate for someone to spend money on something and totally hate it. But if you can afford it and it looks fun (which it is) then go for it! I absolutely love mine! Click here to purchase one of the planners. If you have one tell me about it, and what are your favorite stores on easy to buy stickers!


  1. I love the style of this. I really need to be organised and get one myself

    Lauren x |