Friday, September 11, 2015

Milo Update!

I need to create a cute name for these Milo updates, but for now i'll stick to this generic title. Milo is now around 4 months old. While he's getting older the only changes he's starting to make is that he's starting to calm down a bit, but not fast enough haha. He's not as cuddly as he used to be and i'm hoping he won't ever stop completely because that will be heartbreaking but exploring is his main thing and nothing will stop him from smelling any and everything. He's now trying to go outside, which is a problem for me because I want him to be an indoor cat. We have coyotes where I live and they are known to pick up small animals especially cats, so while I feel bad for not letting Milo go outside, i'm trying to protect him. He's so fast, i'm afraid he'll slip away one day while i'm opening the door. But other than that Milo is a playful, friendly and healthy cat so i'm happy.

1 comment:

  1. Milo is so cute! My puppy is still so energetic I wish she's begin to calm down!