Friday, September 18, 2015

Favorite Fall Trends

Fall is Coming!

Fall is my favorite season, I love the fashion, the makeup, the food. Everything is better in the fall! So here are a few of my favorite trends this fall!

Dark Lips:
Possibly my favorite trend is the dark plum lipsticks that come out in the fall. That color suits me so well and 45% of all the lipsticks I own are a shade of dark plum

Darker Nails:
It's time to throw the pastel and coral nail polishes in the back of your nail polish collection, because it's time to darken your nail color choices. Dark teal, purple and navy blue are my favorite colors to wear in the fall time!

Boots are amazing, the end. 

Most comfortable piece of clothing you can own, and my extra barrier of protection lol. I love a soft, comfy jacket or a cardigan. They are also items you can use to dress up and outfit!

What are your favorite trends for fall? 

1 comment:

  1. I love plum lipsticks and autumn eyeshadow colours.

    Lauren x