Monday, August 24, 2015

School Supplies For College Students!

School's back in and it's time for school! I have this weird obsession with watching what other people have in their purses and backpacks, and now is the time to show what you are using for school. So here is my supplies and what i'll be bringing to college this semester!

First of all here is my backpack, it's just a regular Herschel Backpack! It reminds me of the Jansport backpacks but for some reason I really wanted this backpack and I absolutely love it!

My File Folder to keep papers for class, 3 Subject notebook (I have to get one more of those), and my planner

I'm trying to stay more organized so i'm keeping all my pencils and other products in makeup bags. I'm not going to let them just float around in my back pack.
Her are the contents of my extra products, just anything that I might need throughout the day
Here are all the things in my pencil bag

 And lastly I added this for a laugh, I want to get better at using a planner and I saw on youtube where people decorate their planners. This is my first attempt at decorating my planner and while I know this sucks, i'm going to continue to do this because it's fun.I was never good with arts and crafts but i'll get there! 

So here is what i'm bring to school, buying school supplies always gets me excited for school. Shopping gets me excited for just about anything though haha. what are your favorite school supplies to buy?

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