Monday, June 22, 2015

Post B-Day Depression

I'm 22!
I'm also feeling 22 like the great philosopher T-Swizzle (aka taylor swift) says. I'm honestly sad to see 21 go, but so far for the past 5 days (while i'm writing this post) 22 has been amazing! I spent my birthday in Atlanta, with  3 of my good friends. We went to the World of Coke, which is great if you want to taste test all the different sodas offered by coke, I definitely got a sugar high. We also went to Sky View, where my fear of heights was tested, but I enjoyed the view and it was a great escape from the blazing heat. Lastly we enjoyed the Sun Dial restaurant, which is honestly the coolest experience ever! You go to the top floor of the Westin hotel in downtown and the floors spin around while you eat. and you get to see the whole view around you. Basically my fear of heights were tested the majority of the day, but it was worth it haha. So excited for 22 and all it has to offer! 

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