Monday, June 8, 2015

Fit Me: Matte and Poreless

Foundation Review time!
So I've heard about the Fit Me foundation for a long time. When it first came out I heard dozens of great reviews for it, but was never bothered to try it out for myself. Speed up to this year when this line came out and I was definitely interested. The reviews were less than stellar, people either hated it or loved it.
I've tried the foundation multiple times, yesterday I tested it out to the fullest, ALL DAY! didn't last. Not that it promises to be an all day wearing foundation, I have yet to find a foundation that actually lasts all day. The things I liked about the foundation is that it is light weight, It feels so good on the skin. You can also get medium coverage with the foundation and if you layer it up, it won't feel too caky and leave your skin feeling gross. It also applies very smoothly and evenly which is cool, it settles into your skin pretty quickly as well. Your skin also does look pretty flawless.
The negatives about the foundation: It does not keep you matte! I've used the foundation multiple times and did not keep me matte, I used a primer and makeup setting spray and nothing worked, so that's a huge negative. It also doesn't look very natural. I'm not used to foundations with as much coverage as this one, so if you use higher coverage foundations then this might not be a con for you. But it didn't look natural at all to me.
Overall, I will not be repurchasing this foundation. I don't think that this foundation is horrible, but it's not worth repurchasing. Share your thoughts below....

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