Friday, September 18, 2015

Favorite Fall Trends

Fall is Coming!

Fall is my favorite season, I love the fashion, the makeup, the food. Everything is better in the fall! So here are a few of my favorite trends this fall!

Dark Lips:
Possibly my favorite trend is the dark plum lipsticks that come out in the fall. That color suits me so well and 45% of all the lipsticks I own are a shade of dark plum

Darker Nails:
It's time to throw the pastel and coral nail polishes in the back of your nail polish collection, because it's time to darken your nail color choices. Dark teal, purple and navy blue are my favorite colors to wear in the fall time!

Boots are amazing, the end. 

Most comfortable piece of clothing you can own, and my extra barrier of protection lol. I love a soft, comfy jacket or a cardigan. They are also items you can use to dress up and outfit!

What are your favorite trends for fall? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Restarting my Fitness

The second week of school is when I noticed something, I felt very disgusting. It's like I could feel myself gaining weight and it wasn't a good feeling. I'm been starting this new journey and i'll talk about it in another post someday, but basically i've been really just re-evaluating my life and improving almost all areas of my life. One of the things that really has bothered me, ever since my sophomore year in high school was my body. I never really liked how I looked, and up to this summer it's never really changed. I would try to convince myself I wasn't working out just to be skinny, I was working out because I wanted to be healthier but that wasn't the honest reason, My main goal was losing weight. Now i'm starting again, and i'm not really going to go crazy working out, because lets face it I have a lot on my plate at the moment, the reason why i want to incorporate going to the gym into my schedule because of the confidence it gives me. I feel so much better after I go to the gym and like I can conquer the world. I also need to start eating cleaner, that's going to be the hardest part for me. I love my carbs and sweets. If you have any tips please let me know, i'm always ready to learn new things!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Milo Update!

I need to create a cute name for these Milo updates, but for now i'll stick to this generic title. Milo is now around 4 months old. While he's getting older the only changes he's starting to make is that he's starting to calm down a bit, but not fast enough haha. He's not as cuddly as he used to be and i'm hoping he won't ever stop completely because that will be heartbreaking but exploring is his main thing and nothing will stop him from smelling any and everything. He's now trying to go outside, which is a problem for me because I want him to be an indoor cat. We have coyotes where I live and they are known to pick up small animals especially cats, so while I feel bad for not letting Milo go outside, i'm trying to protect him. He's so fast, i'm afraid he'll slip away one day while i'm opening the door. But other than that Milo is a playful, friendly and healthy cat so i'm happy.

Monday, September 7, 2015

August Favorites!


Sorry I've been M.I.A. i've currently been dealing with going back to college so getting my schedule together and actually having time to blog has been a little difficult, there maybe times in the future when I might not have posts up, but just know that I will be back shortly, if you want you can follow me on my twitter and instagram just to keep up with what i'm doing. I'm going to be better at updating my social media accounts, so just watch out for me there.

Today i'm going to be talking about my August Favorites, I haven't really tried many new things this month but here are some of the things i'm loving!

The Makeup Eraser:

The lazy person in me ADORES this product. There are so many times I come home and I just dont want to wash my face (but wash your face please, don't be lazy like me, avoid breakouts :/). So when those moments happen I am so thankful for the makeup eraser. You just wet the cloth and wipe your face and it gets off all the makeup, and it's so much better than the makeup wipes, the makeup eraser gets more makeup off and doesn't leave a nasty residue! 

Herschel Backpack:

Yes I love my backpack and it's a favorite, I'm obsessed with school supplies and I think a backpack says something about the style and personality of the person wearing it. I love my backpack because it's classic and it looks very similar to Jansports that I love too, but it has a little edge to it.

My new obsession. I feel like my craving for omelettes is a little weird, it's like i'm having pregnancy cravings(i'm not pregnant btw). Omelettes are so easy to make and they actually fill me up. I'm not a big breakfast person but being that i'm trying to be healthier and breakfast is the most important meal of the day, i'm glad that I found something that I enjoy to make.

The fact that it's the last month with my iPhone 5:

So rumor has it the new iPhones will be announced on tuesday(or tomorrow for you guys who are reading this the day i post this). I am so excited, if you don't know i am a techie. especially with phones, iPhones to be exact. I am the biggest Apple fan, just behind iJustine so i'm so excited to finally get a working/functional phone. I've been reading about what the new phone will have to offer and while it's not that different, i'm excited for the Rose Gold edition!

So here are my favorites! tell me some of your's in the comments below. My posting schedule is Monday's and Fridays at 8:30 E.S.T. (even though this one was posted late...sorry)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Music Favorites!

I haven't decided whether this will be a month post or just something I so ever so often, but something that is so important to me and my everyday life is music. It's something that helps me keep my sanity throughout the day. It's something that changes my mood, motivates me, and get me prepared for whatever tasks are coming my way.

I listen to EVERYTHING! well almost everything. I don't really enjoy country, but I do enjoy Lady Antebellum and old school Taylor Swift (aka T-Swizzle). But other than that, my playlists will be very diverse, i'm pretty sure almost anyone would find something they enjoy. So here is my playlist right now!

1) Here - Alessia Cara
2) Antidote - Travis Scott
3) Electric Love - B├śRNS
4) HOTLINE BLING - Drake (My favorite song of the summer!)
5) Everything - Kaptan
6) Beautiful - Dan Bremnes
7) This Is Living - Hilsong Young & Free
8) Heaven And Earth - Hilsong Worship
9) Ojuelegba Remix ft. Drake & Skepta

Monday, August 24, 2015

School Supplies For College Students!

School's back in and it's time for school! I have this weird obsession with watching what other people have in their purses and backpacks, and now is the time to show what you are using for school. So here is my supplies and what i'll be bringing to college this semester!

First of all here is my backpack, it's just a regular Herschel Backpack! It reminds me of the Jansport backpacks but for some reason I really wanted this backpack and I absolutely love it!

My File Folder to keep papers for class, 3 Subject notebook (I have to get one more of those), and my planner

I'm trying to stay more organized so i'm keeping all my pencils and other products in makeup bags. I'm not going to let them just float around in my back pack.
Her are the contents of my extra products, just anything that I might need throughout the day
Here are all the things in my pencil bag

 And lastly I added this for a laugh, I want to get better at using a planner and I saw on youtube where people decorate their planners. This is my first attempt at decorating my planner and while I know this sucks, i'm going to continue to do this because it's fun.I was never good with arts and crafts but i'll get there! 

So here is what i'm bring to school, buying school supplies always gets me excited for school. Shopping gets me excited for just about anything though haha. what are your favorite school supplies to buy?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Favorite "Classic" Nailpolishes

My addiction to nail polish is very real. painting my nails is a great way to end my day and it feels good to paint my nails before a big event. Here are some of my favorite nail polishes, and in my nail polish collection these are considered the "classic" colors.

1) O.P.I - Pink Flamenco
2) Butter London- Blowing Raspberries
3) Essie - Forever Yummy
4) O.P.I- You're a Pisa Work
5) Essie - Fifth Avenue

What are your go-to nail polishes? i'm always in the market for more!

Monday, August 17, 2015

On the Wishlist...

So i'll do this occasionally, and it'll be a list of things that I'm eyeing at the time. I'll be honest with you, I am a total product junkie, especially with beauty products. So here are some of the things that I really want to try right now!

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I've heard about glam glow masks for many years and have never tried one because of the price. They want a pretty penny for this mask and while i've never heard anyone trash the product i've never thought it was worth forking out the money for it. I might not try this product anytime soon, but it is on the list.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Shine
This is another product i've heard people rave about. I would love to try this product out as well, the only thing stopping me from trying this out is that I can't get this product anywhere around me :( but one day i'll get this, because let's be honest the packaging is gorgeous!

Pink Leggings

I need more workout clothes, and the majority of the time I buy them from TJ Maxx because you guessed it...It's cheaper! but I'm loving Pink's gym pants and I really want to try them out!

Iphone 6s
Now this is based on a rumor, that the new iPhones will be out next month! I'm still carrying around an iPhone 5 that is old and barely works. If you didn't know, you will find out that i'm a techie! Especially with cellphones and apple products. I'm an apple fangirl and would love to live the life of ijustine. Fingers crossed that they do announce the new iPhone next month because I don't know how much longer i'll be able to stand mine.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

Something i've recently added to my skincare routine is Serums, and i'm always on the lookout for more to try. Apparently this serum is really good, and works very well. So once I'm through with my other serum this one will definitely be next!

So here is my list! Like I said these post will pop up ever so often. Let me know what you want to try out in the comments!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Taking Care of Milo

So i've had Milo for about a month now and it's been a very tiresome but exciting month. Kittens are crazy and that's something I did not realize. Milo has two different modes: Psychotic and sleep. He is very playful and likes to "attack" people. He isn't afraid of people and i'm not used to cats like that, I don't know if that is just him in his kitten stage but I hope he never grows out of it. Even though Milo can be a lot at times, I have to remember that he won't always be as playful and cuddly as he is now, so i'm just enjoying the moments while I can.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet Milo!

 So I got a cat....

His name is Milo and he is now mine :). I got him last wednesday and it has been a challenge. I have had to deal with cuts that somehow start to swell and itch like huge mosquito bites. I haven't had one full night of sleep since we got him, he is a very active kitten at night. I'm trying to somehow convince him to drink water and that's not going well either. Either way, Milo makes me very happy and i'm already super attached to him. Milo had to go back to the humane society to be neutered and it was a little embarrassing how hard I took it lol. Kitten cuddles are the best though, so I guess I have valid reasons haha.

Enjoy these pics of Lil Milo!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Last week I enjoyed my first Major League baseball game! I went to an Atlanta Braves game, I always wanted to go to one. I'm not a huge fan of baseball but if i'm rooting for any team it would be the Braves. The Braves were playing the Red Sox and we won! Such a great ending for my first MLB game!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Post B-Day Depression

I'm 22!
I'm also feeling 22 like the great philosopher T-Swizzle (aka taylor swift) says. I'm honestly sad to see 21 go, but so far for the past 5 days (while i'm writing this post) 22 has been amazing! I spent my birthday in Atlanta, with  3 of my good friends. We went to the World of Coke, which is great if you want to taste test all the different sodas offered by coke, I definitely got a sugar high. We also went to Sky View, where my fear of heights was tested, but I enjoyed the view and it was a great escape from the blazing heat. Lastly we enjoyed the Sun Dial restaurant, which is honestly the coolest experience ever! You go to the top floor of the Westin hotel in downtown and the floors spin around while you eat. and you get to see the whole view around you. Basically my fear of heights were tested the majority of the day, but it was worth it haha. So excited for 22 and all it has to offer! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Colourpop Review

I had been hearing about Colourpop for awhile, but never really was interested in the brand. But when I saw one of my favorite youtubers put one of their lippie stix in their monthly favorites I had to check it out. The price tag didn't hurt one bit, the lip sticks and lip liners are all $5 so it shouldn't hurt to try right???

Yep! I absolutely love these lip products and i've only played around with them for a couple of days. I bought two Lip sticks in shades Julep and Flawless. I bought two lip liners in shades BFF 3 and Bichette. I absolutely love the colors, they are very pigmented and long lasting. The smell reminds me of M.A.C. lipsticks but a tiny bit sweeter, so if smells are a turnoff for you, this might not be the product for you. The only con for me is the packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging and this isn't something to call home to mama about. Not that it's extremely bad, it's just very cheap looking. But when you are paying $5 dollars for a product, you get what you are paying for where packaging is concerned. Other than that, I love this product. It's very pigmented and long lasting plus there is a wide range of colors to choose from. Go here to check out the line.

Fit Me: Matte and Poreless

Foundation Review time!
So I've heard about the Fit Me foundation for a long time. When it first came out I heard dozens of great reviews for it, but was never bothered to try it out for myself. Speed up to this year when this line came out and I was definitely interested. The reviews were less than stellar, people either hated it or loved it.
I've tried the foundation multiple times, yesterday I tested it out to the fullest, ALL DAY! didn't last. Not that it promises to be an all day wearing foundation, I have yet to find a foundation that actually lasts all day. The things I liked about the foundation is that it is light weight, It feels so good on the skin. You can also get medium coverage with the foundation and if you layer it up, it won't feel too caky and leave your skin feeling gross. It also applies very smoothly and evenly which is cool, it settles into your skin pretty quickly as well. Your skin also does look pretty flawless.
The negatives about the foundation: It does not keep you matte! I've used the foundation multiple times and did not keep me matte, I used a primer and makeup setting spray and nothing worked, so that's a huge negative. It also doesn't look very natural. I'm not used to foundations with as much coverage as this one, so if you use higher coverage foundations then this might not be a con for you. But it didn't look natural at all to me.
Overall, I will not be repurchasing this foundation. I don't think that this foundation is horrible, but it's not worth repurchasing. Share your thoughts below....

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Let's go on a Journey!

I'm now going on a hair journey!

I decided a couple of months ago to get healthier and longer hair. Last year I cut off a couple of inches of my hair, and while that may not seem like a lot to many, it didn't even seem like that much to me at the time but it motivated me to grow out my hair and see how long I could get it. So right now i'm moisturizing my hair all the time, at least once a day. I also wash my hair at least once a week, and I only put heat in my hair twice a month. I'm just starting out with my journey, so if you have any suggestions for products I should use for relaxed hair then let me know! i'm always open for more suggestions! and I will continue to update you on my hair and how it's going. Here are some of the products that i'm using now! I will go in detail about the products that I use and techniques I use on my hair as time goes on! let's get ready to go on this little adventure together (I'm too corny lol).